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Some stuff I might have been listening to

White Room by Cream on Spotify

Little Richard being completely serious (x)

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Lovin' It [feat. Joe Scudda] by Little Brother on Spotify
‘Dust & Grooves’ -

A boy can dream.

There are few pleasures as simple and gratifying as the moments when your shuffle has an extended stretch of excellence. I’m on a seven track wave right now.


Engine engine No. 9 #NewYorkTransitLine #PickItUp

Listening to Is It Good to You by Yummy Bingham


A natural heiress to Hoodrat R&B that never got a real shot. Real shame. The one album has bangers. And such a unique voice. – Preview it on Path.

The heart is heavy at learning that Rich Nichols, The Roots longtime manager, has passed away. One of the most gifted people in the business. Peace to his family, loved ones, and the entire Roots crew.


Q-Tip with De La Soul #delasoul25 #Saturdays

I’m at a concert celebrating 25 years of De La Soul.

The warmup DJ is playing Blackstar - Brown Skin Lady.

I’m one of maybe 11 people who actually appreciates it.

There is a girl here who can’t be more than seven years old. Her parents are amazing.

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